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Artistic Habitat

705 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach

September 29, 2015

705 N. Pacific Coast Highway | Redondo Beach | 310-937-2000 |

Describe your business.

Artistic Habitat is a Southern California family business that manufactures and sources environmentally and socially responsible products of the best quality. Our products include meticulously hand-crafted furniture and flooring, each finished by master artisans who have spent years perfecting their trade, custom kitchens made in Italy, unique lighting and décor, glass art and upholstery. It gives us great pride to be invited into your home, and our goal is to help create your personal habitat with the help of our assortment of creative and one-of-a-kind products.

Tell us about the process of making your furniture and floors.

Crafting our furniture requires a unique approach from the very first steps. Our trees are carefully selected and examined in order to define their potential. From the moment the first cut is made, the design of the finished piece has already been envisioned. Ultimately, the natural beauty of the tree is what dictates the final product. Once the wood is prepared for production, it is transported directly to the wood artisans. The color of the wood is achieved using a variety of different techniques, and then it is hand-finished.

As a “green” company, where does your wood come from?

All of our woods are either recovered, reclaimed and repurposed, or originate from our reforested plantations and responsibly managed forests across Latin America. Our recovered woods generally come to us from fallen trees found across Latin American forests and jungles and sometimes even urban settings. Our reclaimed and repurposed woods are salvaged from vintage factories, haciendas and old buildings. Our plantation wood is also responsibly obtained. Our trees are planted in Southern Mexico and Costa Rica, in areas that are in need of reforestation.

What makes your floors unique?

The Artisan Collection floors we offer are our interpretation of colonial influence in the Americas. Furniture artisans who specialize in the art of hand-distressing intricately process one board at a time using traditional methods including: handmade carvings, pressure distressing and usage accents. These century-old European techniques replicate the appearance that the floors would naturally obtain after generations of use. Our Parquet floors can be used as an accent piece in a landing or entry or can be installed throughout your home to create show-stopping effect. The Lavender Collection exemplifies quintessential French white oak flooring at its finest. French oak is distinguished for its finer tighter grain when compared to other oaks and its soft neutral white tone that distinctively receives color treatments.

Tell us about the kitchens you offer.

Our custom kitchens are Italian made with German hardware and designed with your every need taken into consideration. These kitchens redefine the open space floor plan and their clean lines fit the easy South Bay lifestyle.

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