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Responsibly Obtained Latin American & European Woods




Artisanship: The Artisan Collection features flooring inspired by the Spanish Colonial influence in the Americas. Our floors are fabricated to the highest standards using the latest technology available, while

always exceeding the environmental requirements imposed even in the strictest nations. Furniture artisans that specialize in the art of hand distressing, intricately process one board at a time using traditional methods: handmade carvings, pressure distressing and usage accents. These century-old European techniques, replicate the appearance that the floors would naturally obtain after generations of use. Each board is unique and will receive hours of labor before baring our name. Some of our floors are available up to 24” wide.

Collection: Custom Costello Burl Parquet Color: Tobacco Finish: Polyurethane Wood: Plantation Oak, Recovered Burl

Our engineers and designers will make sure that every detail of your project is met. Parquets, baseboards, stair treads and other pieces needed for your project will be finished simultaneously with the rest of your floors, thus ensuring that the colors, look and feel of all aspects of your project remain consistent. We also offer beams, wall coverings, ceiling structures, and more...

Sunbleached Luna Yukas Coffee Tables, Artisan Line Flooring.

Nexo Dining Table, Artisan Line Flooring.

Pauta Dining Table, Forma Chair, Artisan Line Parquet Flooring

Collection: Artisan Collection Color: Marino Finish: Oil Wood: Recovered Olivewood

Our flooring artisans have perfected the art of distress- ing and finishing floors. The

Artisan Collection offers an extraordinary tribute to the vintage European floors. They showcase the character of floors that have been lived on for centuries.

Artisan Line Flooring In Herringbone With Polyurethane finish

Collection: Artisan Collection Color: Marino Finish: Oil Wood: Recovered Olivewood

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