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Responsibly Obtained: We never use materials that have been acquired in a dishonest way. We are environmentalists and proud advocates for reforestation. Our woods are certified to be responsibly obtained. We believe in the beauty of the overall process of making furniture. Whether it is flooring made from responsibly managed plantations, furniture from repurposed and reclaimed woods or decor made from recovered exotic trees, our pieces are made from recovered, reclaimed or repurposed materials.


A Worldly View: Our creative leaders work hard in exploring the globe for unique and distinct products. We find beauty in the diversity of world cultures. It is our dream to bring together the essence of multiple cultures into one communal space. We celebrate traditional and native art forms by giving them a new dimension.


Design That You Can Feel: The products that we choose to put in our home should be more than just stylish, functional and beautiful. They deserve a story. We believe in the simplicity of great design and respect the characteristics of nature’s iconic materials. More than creating something beautiful, we love creating something that is beautiful to you.

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